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The goal of The Assistance House is to provide temporary assistance to Ross County’s working citizens who face financial challenges.

In Ross County, approximately 1 in 5 households live below the poverty level. Surprisingly, many of these families have at least one person in the household who works a full time job or multiple jobs. But working hard does not always mean someone is financially stable, and many Ross County Citizens are one financial emergency away from entering into the cycle of poverty. When this happens, The Assistance House can help them get back on their feet and regain their financial stability.

  • We help working citizens in Ross County afford short-term emergency expenses that would pose a tremendous hardship for them. For example, we might provide assistance so a client can afford the cost of an auto repair, an unusually large utility bill, gas to get to a medical appointment, or other type of emergency expense. Such expenses would place the client in a situation where he or she could no longer afford a critical regular bill, like his or her monthly rent.

  • Sometimes helping someone with just one need would barely make a dent in his or her financial problems. We want to see our clients fully recover from their financial hardship and regain financial stability. Our services are designed to address barriers an individual may face in maintaining employment.

  • We see clients by appointment only and conduct a thorough interview process to determine whether or not an individual qualifies for our services. With the exception of our eyeglasses program, all clients must be employed to qualify for services. Before providing assistance, we verify all household information and discuss the client's current needs, household budget, and financial goals. Progress made toward these goals is discussed during each subsequent appointment and We also hold monthly food budgeting classes for our clients that are taught by the Ohio State University Extension office.



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Email or call us for more information about volunteering: theassistancehouse@gmail.com, call: 740-774-3560

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We see clients by appointment only.   If you are in need of assistance,   please call us for an appointment.